About QuirkyBird

On Nov 5th 2018 (a poignant time as this is my Dad’s Birthday) I took the keys to my very first venture into the retail world... QuirkyBird was born and I’ve not looked back since! It has been a very steep learning curve and I’ve loved every minute of it so far!

“If you want it badly enough, if you are prepared to be the best you can be, If you dream about it, If you can see yourself doing it and believe you can do it..... then you will achieve your dreams!” That’s what Dad always said and I’ve lived by this mantra! 

His work ethic, passion & sheer determination are within me and when he passed away 5 years ago, at only 74 years old, it was a devastating blow to our family and it made me reflect & reevaluate my life choices!

I have lived, breathed & embraced teaching Physical Education all my life. I have so many fond memories of the many gorgeous students I have had the fortune to teach & coach sports to.... Hopefully they too, took away some positive Quirky experiences!

But I came to the conclusion that to live a life of regrets was not an option and I simply had to bite the bullet and retire from teaching to pursue my life long dream to one day own my own unique & quirky fashion boutique!

So here I am!....Living the dream!.... Having collected fashion most of my life like some people collect art or books! My passion for such a diverse range of styles of fashion are reflected in the content of QuirkyBird!

My absolute love of Vivienne Westwood & her design influences totally inspires my fashion choices. To appreciate quality fabrics, cut & design of garments, to clash & mix the beautiful classic vintage styles with edgy punk & goth influences makes fashion so beautiful & exciting.

QuirkyBird is constantly evolving, but it’s about embracing individual style, experimenting with colour, trends & styles mixed with exciting new collaborations, designers and creative people! It’s about embracing & accepting yourself for who you are.

It’s not as scary as the windows sometimes suggest!.....Love my windows!!

Hopefully if you venture inside, it has that chocolate box feel, with something different for everyone! 

Be Brave❤️ Be Bold❤️ Be Quirky❤